1 – Training


Our Training Program

training pic 1Who needs to train for a tour?  If you’re crazy enough to do it, why don’t you just get on your bike, and ride?  It’s not like its a race or anything.  No one is holding a stop watch.  No one keeps score, do they?
No doubt you have already guessed our answer.  We are not twenty-somethings.  We are older cyclists (I am 62 and Marian isn’t).  We have been cycling, with increasing seriousness, for about ten years.  The seriousness came as we introduced formal training elements into our “just go ride” mentality.
We have written a series of articles based on our experiences with training.  The Table of Contents will help you navigate through the articles.  If you are interested in reading further, you can click on the link to the article.  At the beginning of each article is a link to the prior article.  At the end of each link is a link to the next article. Since we are still living our 2013 training experience, our story continues to unfold.  We will add more articles as time goes on.

Table of Contents

1.0 – When Riding A Bike Just Isn’t Enough
1.1 – Friel Training Approach
1.1.1 – It All Starts With Heart Rates and Heart Zones
(1) What is a Heart Zone
(2) What is a Lactic Heart Rate Threshold (LHRT?)
(3) What is an LHRT Good For?
(4) How to Apply Heart Zones
1.1.2 – What Exercise Routines Do We Use?
(1) What About Bike Riding?
(2) What About Weights?
1.1.3 – Stretching
1.1.4 – Warm Ups
1.2 – The Recipe
1.2.1 – Base Approach
1.2.2 – Customizing Our Training for Touring
1.2.3 – Training for 2012 Tour
1.2.4 – Training for 2013 Tour
(1) Replacement for Peak Training
1,3 – Places We Like to Train At
1.3.1 – Guadalupe River Trail
1.3.2 – Los Gatos Creek Trail
1.3.3 – Coyote Creek Trail
1.3.4 – Lexington Reservoir
1.4 – Places We Like to Mountain Bike

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