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My father, even at his advanced age, is still the head of the family.

F4 Change Came Suddenly

NOTE:  This article may read as my single handed effort to move my Father to a safe place.  In fact, my sister Lou Ann, and her husband, Fred, have been the prime caregivers for my Father for many years.  My sister, Joyce, living in Jackson, has been a steady presence over the years.  And my brother, Steve, has come to Casper as often as he can, from Michigan.  Through the past several weeks, the entire Family, including my Father, have moved in concert, with the single goal of making my Father’s life safe and manageable.

Change announced itself with the ringing of the phone.  I listened as Marian talked on the phone for several minutes.  Paying little attention, at first, I realized she was talking to my youngest sister.  With anxiety building, I took the phone.  Change had come, unwanted, unhappily intruding on our family.

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F1 – Never to Sleep in my Father’s House Again

My Father has lived in his house for 27 years.  He has lived in it, alone for the last 12, save for visitors.  Soon, I think, he will need to move to a place where others can help take care of him.  That will be a huge change.  We grieve.  I fear it.  And I am sad.  I won’t stay in his house anymore.

My mother and father bought the house on Jonquil, after he retired. It was the nicest house either one ever lived in.

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