Family is, at once, a destination and a dream.  Marian and I came from strong, tw0-parent backgrounds.  Our households were imbued with the Presbyterian faith.  And we have been indelibly shaped by them.  As we watch today’s world, we understand how precious that gift has been to us.  For better or worse, we have tried to pass that gift on to our own children.

From time to time, I have had the honor of putting thoughts down on our family experiences.  I have captured my thoughts, posted irregularly, with no particular theme, at the following links:

Never To Sleep In My Father’s House Again
Was It Just A Dream
Farewell Endeavor
Change Came Suddenly
The Graduation of Our Daughter, Elizabeth
Independence Day 2013
The Brits Are Here
Our Summer With David Has Come And Gone

Let us know what you thought, we'd love to know. Thanks - Pat and Marian

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