3 – 2013 Adventures

Our 2013 Adventures

2013 (60)2013 was our second year of adventuring, our real lives as we call it.  I will remember it as the year the gate was open, but, unlike 2012, we didn’t ride through, down the trail, and find out what was around the curve and over the hill.  We retired to adventuring in 2012 to one of the most wonderful years I have ever had.  We entered 2013 with a high expectations, and a belief that all things were possible. Alas, all did not go as planned, as our training log shows. Unlike 2012, 2013 turned out differently than we had planned.
Alas, the big ones, riding from Pittsburgh to Washington DC, and doing more of the Pacific Coast eluded us, to my great disappointment.  Perhaps there is yet time to achieve some of our goals, seize what moments remain from 2013. “
Robert Burns put it well, when he noted, “But little Mouse, you are not alone in proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes of mice and men Go often awry, and leave us nothing but grief and pain, for promised joy!

Table of Contents

3 – 2013 Adventures
3.0.1 – 2013 Goals
3.0.2 – 2013 Training Log
3.1 – Training Rides
3.1.1 – Mount Hamilton
3.1.2 – Uvas Loop
3.1.3 – Elena Out-And-Back
3.1.4 – Eureka Canyon Out-And-Back
3.1.5 – Calaveras Out-And-Back
3.1.6 – Crossing The Golden Gate – Riding From Summer to Winter and Back
3.1.7 – Dazzling Beams and Dark Shadows – Riding from Lexington Reservoir to Buzzard Lagoon Road
3.1.8 – Rocks, Dust and Sun Drenched Hills – Riding in the Santa Teressa Hills
3.1.9 – Deep Shadows and New Friends – Riding in the Henry Cowell Redwoods
3.1.10 – Blue Autumn Skies of California – Riding in the Soquel Demonstration Forest
3.2.1 – To Awaken From Dreams of Pedals, Prednisone and Pain
3.2.2 – For Want Of A Nail

2 responses to “3 – 2013 Adventures

  1. Ah, Robbie Burns ! He travels well. Good luck with your travels.

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