2.4.0: 2012 Mountain Biking

Back on Our Mountain Bikes

Return to our 2012 Adventures

You may wish to skip ahead and read about our rides at Old Haul Road, around Moffett Federal Airfield, or on Quicksilver.  It’s okay.  We don’t mind.

We returned from our travels to Wyoming.  David was safely in school.  Our home seemed more quiet.  We cast about for our next cycling adventures.

One thought was to return to touring.  But, we had several concerns.  First, we had trained, erratically, if at all, since our return from the Oregon Coast.  Our rule of thumb was that, we would need two weeks of training for for every week of inactivity.  We estimated we needed four to six weeks to regain touring conditioning.  We would be tour ready by mid-October.  The weather on the Pacific Coast would be unstable, perhaps with winter storms ready to batter the coast.

Another thought was about the pets.  While David had been at home, we had been free to come and go as we wished, because he was happy to take care of three cats and a dog.  With him gone, we would be forced to use the kennel.  Having done that in late August, we knew the cost could easily exceed $75 per day, as much as it would cost for us to stay in a motel.P1010793 (2)We were not ready to give up biking for the year.  We enjoyed Mountain Biking, but had done no riding of our favorite places.  We decided we would take to our Mountain Bikes as we trained.  We rode our bikes three times.  In the first, we rode Old Haul Road.  In the second, we circumnavigated Moffett Air Field.  In the final ride, we rode Quicksilver.Unfortunately, my Father’s illness intervened.  Thoughts of riding ourselves back into touring shape, and doing short tours disappeared.  We left for Wyoming, not bothering to take our bikes.  We had no idea how long we would be there.  As it turned out, we were there for two weeks.Returning to California again, we picked up with modified training, trying to stay in shape.  We resolved to pick up touring in 2013.

Read about our ride in Pescadero and Portola Parks on Old Haul Road

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