2.3.10 – 24 July 2012: Rest Day in North Bend

Resting Up In North Bend

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On our ninth morning,  the wind was blowing as strongly as ever.  We decided to take a rest day in North Bend.  We had ridden for three days, and were mindful of what had happened when we rode that fourth day from Pacific City to Lincoln City.  We also decided to change motels, not wanting to spend another night at the little place we were in.  We moved near the mall, with a wider selection of shopping.  Dahttps://pchtraveler.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/2-3-10-24-july-2012-north-bend-rest-day/vid confirmed that he would be available to pick us on the coming weekend.  We expected to get no further than Crescent City, California.

601We then set about doing ordinary things.  We did laundry.  Four changes of bike clothes, and two sets of civilian clothes, means hitting the Maytags, often.  I did bike maintenance.  We let our bodies heal.  Happily, Marian had suffered no recurrence of hip pain, due in part to the raised seat.  I was facing a series of issues.  My knees were becoming more tender.  My neck ached.  And I was beginning to have trouble sitting in my saddle for long stretches.

We hung our laundry from every conceivable place in our motel room.A little rope is a wonderful thing.  We wandered over to the mall.  Luxuriating in the simple act of walking aimlessly, without having to wrestle a heavy touring bike, we strolled around.  We bought ice-cream sandwiches, watched other walkers in the mall, and then went back to the motel.  We read, dozed, and watched TV.  I felt almost no guilt about not being on the road.  We would be back out, soon enough.

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