2.3.06 – 20 July 2012: Rest Day in Lincoln City

Resting and Healing In Lincoln City

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306We, finally, awoke, on our fifth day on the Oregon Coast.  We were in Lincoln City.  What a luxury it was to sleep in!  I had nagging feelings of guilt, but I fought through it, turning over to sleep until well after 8 AM.  Marian pronounced her hip sore, but serviceable.  In true trooper fashion, she said she could have ridden.  Instead, we finished breakfast, and set about washing.  I had nothing clean to wear for another day in the saddle.  We loaded up the washer, and ran several loads.  I ran out all my nylon rope, and we hung everything to dry in our room.  It got humid.  We wished we had clothes pins.

We talked to the hotel staff, asking about sites and destinations in Lincoln City, a town of about 8,000.  There was a boardwalk.  Devils Lake was a popular recreation area.  We decided we had seen enough board walks and water to satisfy our curiosity.  I started charging our batteries. off and on through the day.  We read, and watched SILVER STREAK, and whiled away the morning.  We walked to a nearby market to get food, including pot pies.

Marian’s hip was healing, but we could not know if she would be able to ride.  If we stayed with our plan, we had long rides ahead of us.  I no longer thought long sequences were possible.  We plotted out our immediate future.  In the morning, if Marian could not ride, we could wait for David to come get us, because Susan was not well.  Another possibility was to catch a bus from Lincoln City to Newport, and then another to the AMTRAK Station in Albany.  In the event Marian could ride, Newport was 25 miles away, and Waldport was about 40 miles away.  In my original plan, I had penciled in Tugman State Park, 62 miles away.  Now that I better understood how far we could ride, Tugman seemed too far away.

After lunch, I borrowed a hotel computer.  I moved the first batch of pictures from our camera to the Kindle.  I rued, again, that the Kindle could not act as a USB host.  I also built new Garmin files for our tour.  By stopping in Lincoln City, we were back in our planned sequence, but a day behind.  Looking back, the loss of a day didn’t matter.  I was retired.  We had only the most vague of end dates, other than returning to California before David went off to school.

After we finished our planning.  Having tested the streets of Lincoln City the afternoon before, we were not eager to ride the no-shoulder four lane highway through town.  There was nothing that interested us, we stayed put.  Our bikes rested, against a wall, taking a day off as well.   We took advantage of the hot tub.  We luxuriated in the warm, bubbling water, feeling our aches and pains dissolving.  Marian thought her hip felt better.

Evening approach.  In a way, I was sad to see it come.  I knew I was getting ready to leave a quiet, comfortable, sheltered place.  But, I was also eager to return to the road.  Susan and Charlie promised that we were about to see some of the best scenery on the entire Oregon Coast.  I was ready to go on.

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