F2 – Was It Just a Dream? (18-25 August 2012)

We just completed a whirl-wind trip to Wyoming.  While we wanted to do several things, the first order of business was to move our son, David, from San Jose, to Laramie, Wyoming.  He has transferred from De Anza Jr College to the University of Wyoming.  He is studying Geology, hoping to find a career based on what he learns.

Pat and Marian standing with David, on the steps of our family home in San Jose.

We drove two cars to Wyoming, with our first stop in Casper, Wyoming.  Casper is where David’s Grand Father Wimmer and Grand Mother Easton live.  The three of us split time, driving the two cars.  The route was familiar, mostly on I-80 until we split off and drove from Rawlins, through Muddy Gap, to Casper.

David and his Grand Father, Charles, shortly after our arrival in Casper.

We stayed at my Father’s house.  He likes to have people staying in the house.

Marian, David, Charles, and Pat Wimmer, on the back lawn of my Father’s house on Jonquil.

My Father has been suffering through a bought of trouble with his back.  While we were there, we saw visible signs of improvement, and are hopeful of a full recovery.

Pat, Charles, and David Wimmer – three generations of Wimmers

The two children of my sister, Joyce, live in Casper.  Andy, her oldest, has been a welcome guest at my Father’s house, during her studies.  She had recently returned from Germany, where she was gathering research data for a paper she is working on.

Andy Gooder is one of two nieces on my side of the family, eating supper with Marian.

My youngest sister, Lou Ann, has lived in Casper since she got married.  She has raised two sons and a daughter.  And is now blessed with six Grand Children, with a seventh on the way.

My sister Lou Ann, with her husband, Fred.

Recently, Marian’s Mother, Beth Easton, moved from Cheyenne to Casper.  With both parents now in Casper, it is much easier to see both sides of the family.

David Wimmer, Beth Easton, and Marian Easton – Wimmer

Beth’s youngest son, Eric, has lived in Casper for many years.  Eric was the Natrona County Attorney for a long time, before going to work for the Wyoming Attorney General.

Beth and Eric Easton eating supper at Eric’s house in Casper

Eric met his future wife, Dawn Easton, while both were students at the University of Wyoming.  Dawn teaches History and English Literature and St Anthony’s Middle School in Casper.

Dawn Ditton Easton relaxing after having prepared a superb meal.

The normally crystal clear skies of the Mountain West were obscured by large forest fires in Oregon and California.  The smoke turned just another sunset in paradise into a fire ball reluctantly sinking below the horizon.

The sunset, as viewed from Eric’s house, was spectacular because of the smoke from the fires in the North West.

After we said our good-byes to our families, we went down to Laramie, with David, to get him safely installed.  Our trip became somewhat more complicated by the fact that we had to replace the front tire and tube on David’s bike.

David, Marian, and Pat Wimmer, at Washington Park in Laramie.

Two emotions warred for control.  On the one hand, we were sad that our son would be so far away, possibly on his final journey into his new life.  On the other hand, we were proud he is taking this step.  And we will always love him, no matter the outcome.

Marian and David Wimmer at Washington Park in Laramie Wyoming.

The final thing we could do for David was to help him repair his bike.  This gave us something concrete to do, and kept our farewells from becoming overly maudlin.

Pat and David Wimmer, standing by David’s bike, at Washington Park in Laramie, Wyoming.

From Laramie, we crossed down into Colorado, going to Glenwood Springs to visit Marian’s oldest brother, Jim Easton.

Jim Easton and Marian Easton-Wimmer standing before a fine old restored house in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Jim Easton and his dog, Dandy, took us on a long walk through Glenwood Springs.  During the walk, we crossed over a walkway, above the Rail Road, I-70, and the Colorado River.

Dandy, Jim Easton, and Marian Easton-Wimmer, look down on the Colorado River.

The concrete piers, supporting the walkway, have been decorated with a life-like mural of willows.

Pat Wimmer and Jim Easton in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The Colorado River has cut a gorge through the Rockies, on its way down to the Grand Canyon.

The mighty Colorado River splits Glenwood Springs, with bridges connecting the two halves.

In the 19th Century, Glenwood Springs became known as a place to come for “the cure” of the hot springs.  One notable was Doc Holiday, who died of tuberculous  after a long illness.

The Hotel Colorado has a grand pool fed by the hot springs


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